Knee pain when running
Spring is officially in the air. 
Warmer weather usually means more running outdoors, and when your miles start ramping up, it can bring on  aches and pains. If knee pain is one of those aches or pains, it’s most likely NOT an issue with the knee itself.
Movement resulting in knee pain is often the result of the body compensating from another key area of the body.  
Two very common areas that we assess in the office when dealing with knee pain are ankle mobility and hip mobility. When range of motion is limited in these areas, it can increase knee pain because the body isn’t moving optimally.
Treatment with both chiropractic adjustments and ART (Active Release Technique) improve range of motion in the ankle and hip. This allows for improved joint movement and looser muscles.
If you’re unsure why you have knee pain while running, or any pain during any exercise, contact the office and let us help you solve the pain.


And if you’re looking for a more immediate pain relief, that doesn’t involve NSAID’s, stop on over to the Dispensary.  At home we keep our medicine cabinet filled with herbs and vitamins like these natural anti-inflammatories and pain relievers:


  • Curaphen Extra Strength by EuroMedica – 3- 4 tablets as need for pain relief
  • Traulevium – applied topically to painful areas
  • Magnesium 300 by Innate – 2 capsules twice daily
  • MSM 500 + Vitamin C by Douglas Labs – 1 capsule three times daily
Natural Pain Relief
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