Get SpringBack In Your Training

If you’re like me, it’s that point in the season where your workouts are getting longer, and your body is starting to feel worn down, and maybe even ache.  But Spring is a time for blooming flowers, warm weather, and renewal.  You should experience that same sense of refresh and renewal during your training.


I specialize in sport injury and I want to share with you how I can help you get that “Spring” back in your training.  As a Sports Medicine doctor and athlete with more than 20 years of experience, I know what its like to be an athlete and treat an athlete.  And I’ve built my practice on the principle of treating people the way I would want to be treated.


When visiting Brentwood Spine and Sport you can expect a personalized experience where you will interact directly with me.  We work one-on-one from scheduling your appointments to creating your individualized strengthening and rehabilitation program.  You will receive a dedicated 30 minutes of treatment and my full attention and you will not spend any of that time in a waiting room. 


My approach to the body is three fold:


  1. I take a comprehensive diagnostic approach to identifying the source of your pain.  By identifying the source I can streamline your treatment and reduce your recovery time.  I want to get you back into your normal training as soon as possible.


  1. I treat muscles and the skeleton using a patented soft tissue technique called Active Release Technique (  My philosophy is that you cannot treat the bones without treating the muscles, or vice versa.  By combining Chiropractic and Active Release Technique, patients get better faster and their adjustments hold longer. 


  1. After resolving the joint and muscle dysfunction, the final step is an individualized rehabilitation and strengthening program to ensure your problem doesn’t come back. 


Over the years I have had the great fortune to treat many LA Tri Club members and I’ve included a few testimonials below.  The next time you’re out training with the LA Tri Club, ask the guy or girl running/swimming/cycling next to you if they have visited me and ask for a testimonial.  I’m confident they too will tell you how I’ve helped put a “Spring” back into their training. 



Benjamin W. Kleinbrodt, DC, CCSP



LA Tri Club

Every triathlete should get Chiropractic and ART together.  It’s made a huge difference in my training.

Michael I.

“As a triathlete I am accustomed to training with pain.  However, I had to stop running after injuring my Achilles five months ago.  I tried almost everything to help with the pain, but to no avail.  When I read about Dr. Ben and Active Release Therapy I figured it wouldn’t hurt to at least try it.  I am so grateful I did.  After a handful of sessions I am back to running pain free!  Additionally through using ART and Chiropractic, Dr. Ben has helped to alleviate the pinching pain I get in my shoulders while riding my bike.  I’m so happy to finally have found something that truly works and minimizes the pain.  Thank you Dr. Ben!”

Jen H.

“My IT band and Achilles were bothering me and I was worried I would miss a significant amount of training leading into the triathlon season.  Through a club email I heard about Dr. Ben and the ART technique.  I made a visit to his office and decided he was the doctor for me.  After only two sessions I was able to begin running again and have continues to make large improvements with both my IT band and my Achilles.  My training is back on track and I am looking forward to a successful season with Dr. Ben.”

Drew H.

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