Carpal tunnel, dubbed by some “tennis elbow of the wrist,” accounts for the highest number of work days lost among all work-related injuries. Almost half of the cases reported account for 31 days or more of work loss. With some 850,000 new cases diagnosed in 1994, the last year for which the National Center for Health Statistics has figures, carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common and best known of the repetitive stress injuries, or RSIs. Research suggests that it may affect one out of every ten people in the United States over the course of a lifetime.

Research shows that patients with carpal tunnel, or an upper extremity repetitive stress disorder that resulted from median nerve entrapment, find positive results from a functional, chiropractic approach, using manipulation/mobilization, an office-and home-based rehabilitative system, and nutritional intervention. (Frizell Davis, Ardee, 2004)

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